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17 days

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Jun. 16th, 2011 | 11:52 am

Just over 2 weeks to go!
I had my final dress fitting yesterday, the lady has done a fab job, it fits like a glove and I feel amazing in it. I just need to keep my weight what it is for the next 2 weeks now and not pig out too much! I've tried to attach the pictures but it won't work on my computer so I'll try doing it on my phone in a bit. I'm very conscious that there is photos of me in my dress floating around and Matt might get his paws on them!
The bridesmaids dress also looked lovely. It's all nearly come together now. I am sending the final invoice and table plan to the venue today, along with some additional information for the day. I'm also in liaison with a lady on a wedding forum who's making me a bespoke necklace which drops down the back of my dress and will set it off perfectly. The only problem is I don't know how long to have it draped down the back lol. I'm going back to the shop next Friday to try on the dress with the veil and then it'll be steamed and pressed ready for collection. We have a few other small bits to sort but I'm going to leave those until my week off work.

Work is annoying at the moment, I can't wait for my time off! I've got 3 nights started tonight which are going to be boring or hell I can't decide which one yet it'll depend when I get there but either option is horrible! Then I've got 3 long days next week and I'm all finished yay!

I've been having trouble with my sleeping again and had to go back to the doctors about it. She was very understanding about it. I also chatted to my manager about it (because work is the reason why I can't sleep) and also the psychologist at work who was really helpful so hopefully it'll be sorted soon and I'm hoping a break from work will help and make me feel better.

Well I better go there is a big pile of washing up with my name on it *sob* and I also need to get a nap in before tonight.

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