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Lovin it ... stressing it

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Oct. 15th, 2006 | 09:18 pm

Still loving uni.
Been having some great nights out. Drunkeness and all that shizzle. Made lots of friends which is ace.
I've been keeping onto of my work as well, a first for me :) Today I even sat for a few hours and did some revision notes and some question cards as well. I'm stressing about my essay I've got though. It wants us to 'critically analysis' things and I don't understand how to put it into practise :( I'm gonna go visit the essay support people tomorrow and see if they can help because I'm getting into a big tiz about it. I did my essay and if I've done it all wrong I'm gonna get real pissed off... bleh. I bet I'll have to re do it. At least I've got over a week still to finish it. Anywho gonna make myself a cuppa and go to bed in a bit, woo :)


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