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Sep. 9th, 2006 | 07:34 pm

So I've FINALLY started uni :) Doing my nursing course in Birmingham, living away in a box and all that. I was soooo nervous about going (meeting people, making friends, living away, the course, placement etc) but I have to say, it's ace :) I haven't started lectures yet (but I'm itching too, sad I know!) But my housemates are LOVELY and we all get along really well :) There are 9 of us sharing a flat, we're mixed sex but all a lil older than the usual crowd (ranging from 20-25) but they are all such nice people and I've been having an ace week with them. Eaten, smoked and drank to the max though, eeek... will need to start seriously dieting etc soon! Will try and update this more while I'm away as I've got my laptop in my room with internet access, whoop. Spending the weekend chilling at home though and sleeping, hehe.


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