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It's been a while...

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Aug. 11th, 2006 | 07:02 pm

Wow, I haven't updated here for YONKS! I've been reading all my friend's journals regularly though, and just thought I'd mention that even tho I don't comment much I still read with much interest!

Well, loads to write but I will keep it brief(ish) as I'm tired and stuff.
Errmmm... main thing really is I'm starting Uni in 3 weeks! I am soooooo excited. I really cannot wait to start the course and train to be a nurse and share a house and stuff. I'm so scared as well though! Now I'm starting to organize my stuff etc to take it just feels so soon, and I can't believe I'm moving out... eek!
Matt and I are still great :) Been nearly a year now and its gone so fast! I have to say that everyone was really dubious at first whether we'd last, even us a bit I think, lol. Cos we'd been mates etc. But it really is the best thing that's ever happened, it just feels so right :) Kinda feels like this might be the one, hehe.

(hope he's not reading this cos he'll get scared :P )

Errm, apart from that, everything is is fine. Not been doing that much cos I'm skint as hell, lol

God I haven't even updated since Florida! Eeek. Obv it was AMAZING and Matt being there was really really ace... miss it like hell though :) If you go to my myspace (hehe become a bit of a regular there) then you can see Florida etc pics as I update there.

It's aleox85 ... :)

Had a really great 21st as well, went to Wolverhampton with a big group of mates and went to an indie club. It was just a really good night out.... I have never been so wasted in my ENTIRE life though... blacked out and everything. ... oh and large chucks of memory are missing!

Went to Newquay as well for Dave's birthday... About 12 of us. Was a cool weekend... too much spliffage was consumed ... eek.

Anyway. I'll be off now. I'll try and update this more once I'm at uni as Matt brought my a shiny new laptop for my birthday, it's ace :)

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