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17 days

Jun. 16th, 2011 | 11:52 am

Just over 2 weeks to go!
I had my final dress fitting yesterday, the lady has done a fab job, it fits like a glove and I feel amazing in it. I just need to keep my weight what it is for the next 2 weeks now and not pig out too much! I've tried to attach the pictures but it won't work on my computer so I'll try doing it on my phone in a bit. I'm very conscious that there is photos of me in my dress floating around and Matt might get his paws on them!
The bridesmaids dress also looked lovely. It's all nearly come together now. I am sending the final invoice and table plan to the venue today, along with some additional information for the day. I'm also in liaison with a lady on a wedding forum who's making me a bespoke necklace which drops down the back of my dress and will set it off perfectly. The only problem is I don't know how long to have it draped down the back lol. I'm going back to the shop next Friday to try on the dress with the veil and then it'll be steamed and pressed ready for collection. We have a few other small bits to sort but I'm going to leave those until my week off work.

Work is annoying at the moment, I can't wait for my time off! I've got 3 nights started tonight which are going to be boring or hell I can't decide which one yet it'll depend when I get there but either option is horrible! Then I've got 3 long days next week and I'm all finished yay!

I've been having trouble with my sleeping again and had to go back to the doctors about it. She was very understanding about it. I also chatted to my manager about it (because work is the reason why I can't sleep) and also the psychologist at work who was really helpful so hopefully it'll be sorted soon and I'm hoping a break from work will help and make me feel better.

Well I better go there is a big pile of washing up with my name on it *sob* and I also need to get a nap in before tonight.

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Sep. 9th, 2007 | 08:57 pm

Thought I'd post a quick update of whats been happening with me. I feel a bit guilty that I hardly update this place anymore, because I read other peoples entries nearly everyday and find it really interesting! I suppose that must make me sound a bit freaky but never mind! Firstly I've started back at uni this week. The second year sounds like its going to be really interesting but REALLY hard work! The lectures I've had have been really good, it just seems like its going to be a lot of work and a lot more pressure to do well in placements. I still cannot see myself being a nurse in 2 years time, it feels really scary! The house is going ok. Admitedly it is bloody hard work living with 9 people. Some of them are harder than others!! It's just at times like being in high school with all the whispering and whatnot. 80% of the time its fine, but when I'm having a bad day and my head is being a paranoid mess it can be tough. I just try and remember the people there who I really get on with and concentrate on them and try and forget about the people that do my head in/make me feel a bit shitty. Saying that I've had some really fun nights out over the last week so maybe I'm just moaning a bit! In other news I've not smoked now for over 2 months. I'm pretty impressed with that feat! I never thought I'd be able to do it, yet it wasn't actually as hard as I imagined. If only losing weight could be so easy! I still feel insecure and fed up with my body, but maybe that's just part of being a woman (Bleh). I'm trying to get back into going to the gym again full time as over the summer I was COMPLETELY lazy and hardly went at all! Summer wise I didn't do much. I didn't go on holiday because of lack of money. Still, had an alright summer really. Had lots of day trips with uni friends and friends from home and Matt which was fun. On the Matt front it's been 2 years on the 27th which will be my longest realtionship to date. We have our ups and downs but the ups outweigh the downs by a million and I honestly cannot imagine life without him.
Right I think I've update enough now for at least 6 months! I really do mean to update more often with this place because it'd be cool if 10 years down the line I could look at this site and see what I'd written when I was a stressed out nursing student!
Finally a note to sexy_tink and Matt. Your both in my thoughts and prayers and I hope everything is ok

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(no subject)

Jul. 9th, 2007 | 07:30 pm

It's going really well (so far) I'm on the patches and so far I've not had any physical cravings. Just kinda habbit ones..like one after dinner etc etc. I'll keep updating on how I'm going!

Recently moved into my new house. It's 9 bedrooms and is an end terrace victorian house. My room is really nice, I've decorated it and made it mine :) The rest of the house is ok...not in the best condition as its student accomodation but its nice to have a room bigger than a box and some sofas to sit on! (even if they are skanky!!)
Plus I've finished and passed my first year! It's gone soooo fast! Can't believe I've done it tbh and still loving it as much as I do! All I've got to do is get my placement document signed off on Wednesday and I'm all done, it'll be a nice summer! Have got a little bit of work to do over the summer, but nothing too stressful! This month has been REEAALLY bad for money! What with the new house, bills and all that, I've been left with £3 for the next two weeks, eek!! Never mind! Once I get my bursary though things should be a little less stressful on that front! Anywho think thats all for now! I'll post a few pictures from the new house, sorry about sizing! I'm terrible with this kind of thing!

My room

My room at night

The hallway..sorry about the clothes drying!

The kitchen/living room

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18 weeks...phew!

Jun. 12th, 2007 | 07:14 pm

Wow 18 weeks since I updated...that is a loongg time!
I'll start with a few tickers to get things rolling!

Right, now that's done! As you can see I'm still surviving at uni. I'm on my 3rd placement, this time at a nursery. I LOVE my course to bits and I'm having a great time. There's been a few niggles along the way, but generally it's been a good time so far. I'm still with the lovely Matt. Everything there is still great. I can't think of much else to post really so I'll post a few piccys of the main things I can think of!

Went to see Justin, it was AMAZING!

Important people

Recent pic of me (ala toilet when pissed!-I wasn't actually ON the toilet at the time!)

Me all scrubbed up before I went into theatre!

The lovely Matt - being geeky on his pc, bless :)

Well apologises for the crappy update! I do read all your journals still and find them all really interesting etc. Lian congrats again on the baby :) x

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Video I made

Feb. 2nd, 2007 | 10:00 pm

Made this last night. Possibly one of the best nights at uni I've ever had, it was just pure aceness :)

Watch it cos it'll make you chuckle. I'm the tit with lights draped round me at the beginning of the video!

Tis only 34 secs so it won't take long to download :) Enjoy mocking me tee hee

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Lovin it ... stressing it

Oct. 15th, 2006 | 09:18 pm

Still loving uni.
Been having some great nights out. Drunkeness and all that shizzle. Made lots of friends which is ace.
I've been keeping onto of my work as well, a first for me :) Today I even sat for a few hours and did some revision notes and some question cards as well. I'm stressing about my essay I've got though. It wants us to 'critically analysis' things and I don't understand how to put it into practise :( I'm gonna go visit the essay support people tomorrow and see if they can help because I'm getting into a big tiz about it. I did my essay and if I've done it all wrong I'm gonna get real pissed off... bleh. I bet I'll have to re do it. At least I've got over a week still to finish it. Anywho gonna make myself a cuppa and go to bed in a bit, woo :)


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(no subject)

Sep. 20th, 2006 | 11:45 pm

I thought I'd just post a quick update as I'm having a quiet night in at uni. Not been feeling too well lately, think its the Fresher's Flu!
Still having lots of fun though. I seriously need to stop eating so badly though as I'm turning into a massive heffa! Apart from that its all ok. Things are starting to settle down, people are finding there own pace etc. The course has been really interesting so far though. Quite a few early starts and late finishs though!
And I'm being a good girl and doing my work, but still partying pretty hard, hehe.

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Sep. 9th, 2006 | 07:34 pm

So I've FINALLY started uni :) Doing my nursing course in Birmingham, living away in a box and all that. I was soooo nervous about going (meeting people, making friends, living away, the course, placement etc) but I have to say, it's ace :) I haven't started lectures yet (but I'm itching too, sad I know!) But my housemates are LOVELY and we all get along really well :) There are 9 of us sharing a flat, we're mixed sex but all a lil older than the usual crowd (ranging from 20-25) but they are all such nice people and I've been having an ace week with them. Eaten, smoked and drank to the max though, eeek... will need to start seriously dieting etc soon! Will try and update this more while I'm away as I've got my laptop in my room with internet access, whoop. Spending the weekend chilling at home though and sleeping, hehe.


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It's been a while...

Aug. 11th, 2006 | 07:02 pm

Wow, I haven't updated here for YONKS! I've been reading all my friend's journals regularly though, and just thought I'd mention that even tho I don't comment much I still read with much interest!

Well, loads to write but I will keep it brief(ish) as I'm tired and stuff.
Errmmm... main thing really is I'm starting Uni in 3 weeks! I am soooooo excited. I really cannot wait to start the course and train to be a nurse and share a house and stuff. I'm so scared as well though! Now I'm starting to organize my stuff etc to take it just feels so soon, and I can't believe I'm moving out... eek!
Matt and I are still great :) Been nearly a year now and its gone so fast! I have to say that everyone was really dubious at first whether we'd last, even us a bit I think, lol. Cos we'd been mates etc. But it really is the best thing that's ever happened, it just feels so right :) Kinda feels like this might be the one, hehe.

(hope he's not reading this cos he'll get scared :P )

Errm, apart from that, everything is is fine. Not been doing that much cos I'm skint as hell, lol

God I haven't even updated since Florida! Eeek. Obv it was AMAZING and Matt being there was really really ace... miss it like hell though :) If you go to my myspace (hehe become a bit of a regular there) then you can see Florida etc pics as I update there.

It's aleox85 ... :)

Had a really great 21st as well, went to Wolverhampton with a big group of mates and went to an indie club. It was just a really good night out.... I have never been so wasted in my ENTIRE life though... blacked out and everything. ... oh and large chucks of memory are missing!

Went to Newquay as well for Dave's birthday... About 12 of us. Was a cool weekend... too much spliffage was consumed ... eek.

Anyway. I'll be off now. I'll try and update this more once I'm at uni as Matt brought my a shiny new laptop for my birthday, it's ace :)

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Mar. 2nd, 2006 | 02:43 pm

Woot I went for my health assessment and passed! I was scared they might want to do loads of tests and stuff but they just wanted to talk about my depression and my accident and stuff. I'm well chuffed!

I think thats all the stuff for uni now - test wise. I think I've finally got in and stuff, yay!

It's nice that life (touch wood) is going good for me at the moment. Matt and I are great as well. I didn't think I'd ever find that kind of happiness with a bloke again but I have - and it's great.

So anyone out there who wants a boyfriend who is great and stuff - go out with your best mate cos it is ace!

I've lost another few pounds this week as well. I've been taking those adios tablets and they really work - 4lbs in 1 week! Its good because I won't look a complete whale when I'm in Florida!

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